Dr. Rhonda Hollins

Co-Founder and Trainer

Dr. Rhonda Hollins is a Co-Owner and Business Administrator of Hollins Financial Group (HFG) with husband Dr. David W. Hollins, Sr.

Together they specialize in teaching Financial Literacy for effective Retirement Planning and Entrepreneurship of which both are important for Wealth and Legacy Building.

Financial Literacy helps Families make BETTER “Real Life” financial decisions that are not taught in the educational system designed for someone else’s wealth.

Financial Literacy will teach you how to SAVE by paying yourself first with appreciating assets, PROTECT your income, KEEP more of your income NOW as a W2 Employee, and
how to Legally Cut Taxes, Eliminate Debt and Why Owning a Home-Based Business is necessary for Today’s Economy.

With 40+ years in the Financial Services and Network Marketing Industries, they have successfully led large teams in Business Building, Leadership Workshops, and Mastermind Groups.

Dr. Hollins is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Juliana King University, Seminary, and serves with numerous Women’s Organizations.

Dr. Hollins believes and strives for a Spirit of Excellence in all that she does. Utilizing her Leadership Skills, Organizational Training and John Maxwell Coaching to inspire
others for Servant Leadership through the art of philanthropic opportunities, giving time and talent. She is passionate about life and encourages YOU to do the same!

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