Visit Our Professional Office Space

HFG School Entrance

Located just off the elevator on the 5th Floor.
Well lit and inviting.

Convenient Location

Suite 565 is centrally located with access to all building facilities and conveniences.

Dedicated to Dr. Tyrome Best

Our honorary chairman is the founder of Wealth Builders Worldwide.

Classrooms Available For Use

Classroom Access

Classes are taught in business-appropriate class rooms with fast WiFi.

Classroom Seating

Designed for laptop and tablet use, with plenty of individual power outlets.

Office Classroom

Front perspective - Spacious and organized for meetings and training sessions.

Office Classroom

Rear perspective - Seats a dozen students for presentations, lectures, and onboarding opportunities

Conference Rooms and Building Amenities

Conference Rooms

Multiple rooms are available for reservation.

Conference Rooms

Co-op members get access, upon request, to the conference rooms.

Office Conference Area

Perfect for small orientation sessions or onboarding.

Break Rooms

Located on every floor. Microwaves available for convenience.

6464 Savoy Building Entrance

Professionally Maintained and Inviting

First Floor Lounge Area

A classy place to meet and relax

5th Floor Waiting Lounge

A place to meet in comfort.

Spacious Lounge Area

The lounge areas just outside the office are comfortable and a great place to meet clients.

Spacious Lounge Areas

A different perspective on the lounge on the 5th floor.